Mountain Biking Activities / Excursions

The thing I like about mountain biking is that you can really go over some BIG obstacles, sometimes very easily. And I am not even that good at it! Plus, riding UP stuff is such an excellent workout. A little bit hard on my knees, but that's what Glucosamine Sulfate is for, eh? And coming DOWN is such fun! Well, let's be honest, it can be a huge adrenalin rush! But a Good, Clean, Natural rush (for those of us who live on the fearless side of life). I will include (soon) somewhere on my site, various downloadable free GPS tracks for some of my favorite trails.

For many photos representing my Mountain Biking experiences, please visit my gallery.

Table of Contents

Utah, USA

Colorado, USA

Quebec, Canada

  • Mt. Tremblant - St. Jovite
  • Ski Bromont - Bromont

New Hampshire

  •  North Conway, Near Firetower



The only little drawback about mountain biking is trying to transport your own personal bike halfway around the continent or the world. So I will try not to spend too much on this particular toy, since you end up renting them anyways.

Well, if you are a mountain biker, I hope there is some way for you to tell me if you liked this page. Until then, thanks for checking it out!