Colorado Experiences, 2008

In early July, 2008, I visited Colorado & the Continental Divide and climbed two of the mountains over 14,000 feet. I wanted to see if I could do it - and I DID IT! Yahoo. Plus, I did some serious Mountain Biking around Vail Colorado. And finally, jumped off a mountain to soar through the air on a Para-glider! Definitely a cool place to get in touch with nature and your inner self. Lots of solitude and soul-soothing experiences to comfort those jangled city/work/hustle & bustle nerves.

Tandem Paragliding — by Abhijit Emery — last modified 2008-07-21 05:52 PM In this sport, you pay big bucks to an experienced professional to push you off of a mountain and ensure that you hit bottom safely after a couple of kilometres of free-fall. Well, thats if you're lucky :-)